Establishing Medical Operations Coordination Cells (MOCCs) for COVID-19 Webinar

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has overwhelmed some healthcare systems throughout the United States while leaving other neighboring/nearby systems with excess capacity (both in terms of staff and physical resources such as ventilators), empty beds, staff furloughs, and increasing revenue challenges. While the alternate care site (ACS) strategy offers an effective way to ease capacity constraints in hospitals overwhelmed by COVID-19, utilizing regional resources for patient care adds significant capacity to the system and provides the expert staffing necessary to care for critically ill patients.
To that end, the Healthcare Resilience Task Force is working with partners and stakeholders to establish medical operations coordination cells (MOCCs) within emergency operations centers (EOCs) at the sub-state, state-wide, and multi-state levels to facilitate patient movement and resource allocation. MOCCs analyze information provided by each healthcare organization (e.g., EMS, hospitals, nursing homes, ACS, etc.) to glean an understanding of the sub-state, state-wide, or multi-state region’s situational awareness and availability of resources to facilitate the optimal redistribution of patients across a wider geographic area. It then serves a single point of contact for hospitals seeking assistance for patient transfer, and for healthcare system partners in the broader region that have assets that can be used to ease the burden.
Join this webinar to learn more about establishing MOCCs, guidance available, and hear from states that have used this concept in previous emergencies and currently with COVID-19.

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