Attend the Vermont Healthcare Coalition, EMS, & Preparedness Conference

June 14-16 in Jay Peak, VT

The Connecticut Health Care Coalition has funding available to sponsor registration,  travel, meals and mileage for up to seven active Coalition members to attend the upcoming 2024 Vermont Healthcare Coalition, EMS, & Preparedness Conference. This conference is planned for June 14 - 16, 2024 at Jay Peak Resort in Vermont.

The Vermont Healthcare Coalition, EMS, & Preparedness Conference is one of the largest gatherings of public health preparedness professionals, emergency medical providers, squads, fire departments and healthcare personnel in New England.  The goal of the conference is to offer a wide variety of public health, healthcare and EMS products, the latest EMS equipment, and vehicle displays that are of interest to these groups.

Ready to Apply for a Conference Scholarship?

Please fill out the following form with your information by 11:59 pm ET on May 10, 2024

Additional Scholarship Details

All active members are eligible to apply for funding to attend this conference. A member shall be deemed active if the representative or a designated alternate has attended, either in person, by phone, or virtual meeting, at least one (1) of the scheduled CT HCC meetings within the current fiscal year.

Applications will be reviewed and voted on by Coalition voting members during the May 15 CT HCC Special Meeting.

Funding is reimbursement only. Please do NOT register or buy anything until your approval to attend is confirmed.

See applications for all terms, conditions, details, and considerations.