Did you know the Connecticut Health Care Coalition (CT HCC) provides funding for special projects across the state? It's one of the many ways that the CT HCC improves disaster resilience within the Connecticut healthcare delivery workforce.

Keep reading to learn about our current opportunities and apply for CT HCC funding.

Special Project Funding Applications Are Now Open!

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The Connecticut Health Care Coalition (CT HCC) has established $149,480.52 in a special project fund for competitive project applications. Projects may be submitted by CT HCC members, stakeholders or vendors as long as the project’s outcomes benefit Connecticut’s healthcare sector, as a whole.

Ready to Apply?

Funding will be open for application in two rounds. Round 1 has already passed. The two rounds will allow for approval of initial applications and additional time to submit proposals if needed. Funding will be allocated to the highest ranked proposals until the total amount of funds is allocated or there are no more projects to approve. Funds may not be guaranteed in Round 2.

Round 2 Application and Funding Schedule:

Round 2 Application Period Opens February 14, 2024
Round 2 Application Closes March 8, 2024 at 11:59pm ET
Review of Applications by Fiscal Agent, Chairperson and Co-Chairperson for adherence to grant guidance March 9-12, 2024
RRC to Send Application Packages to CT HCC Coalition Members for Review and Scoring by Voting Members March 13-19, 2024
Presentation of Applications for Discussion and Vote at Special HCC Meeting March 20, 2024
Notice of Award to Approved Project Applicants March 22, 2024 (if approved at March 20th meeting)