The Connecticut Health Care Coalition conducts a number of special projects each year with the goal of improving the state of healthcare emergency preparedness across Connecticut. Some of these projects are conducted by members, while others require outside vendors. The coalition is currently requesting proposals for the following projects:

Hospital Decon Assessment

Request for Proposals - Due May 1, 2024

Coalition members voted on April 17, 2024 to designate a project pool for a decontamination assessment project for hospitals in the state of Connecticut. We are seeking a vendor experienced in decontamination assessment to conduct this project.

The vendor in this project would conduct in-person assessments of decontamination programs, equipment, setup, and supplies at up to 31 Connecticut hospitals. Hospitals would sign up for a walkthrough and program assessment lasting 4-6 hours, with a written report and gap analysis provided to each hospital afterwards.

Expected Schedule: Dates subject to change
Release of RFP April 19, 2024
Questions Due April 25, 2024 at 5pm ET
Proposals Due May 1, 2024 at 5pm ET
Review and Selection of Vendor May 3, 2024
Contract Start May 8, 2024
Site Visits and Assessments May 9-June 15, 2024
Site Gap Assessment Report Due No later than 7 days after visit,

and no later than June 25, 2024

All Site Finding Reports Due June 25, 2024