Special Project Awards

The Connecticut Health Care Coalition sponsored four projects to advance¬† its core members’ and stakeholders’ capabilities to communicate, and report on health care facilities’ status, during and all-hazard events, as well as to enhance education and training of the medical workforce in the areas donning and doffing, and managing the care pediatric patients.¬† The projects are listed below with a description of their intended goals.

1. Mutualink

Goal: CT HCC members and regional ESF-8 stakeholders will be able to successfully connect and communicate, utilizing the Mutualink smart phone application, during an emergency

2. HMAP Modifications and Implementation

Goal: Facilitate acute care hospitals’ capability to report the daily status of medical surge capacity data elements, as requested by state and federal agencies, during all hazards incidents (2) Minimize the time required by emergency managers (EMs) to report daily information

3. Video on Donning and Doffing

Goal: Video serves toeducate Healthcare workers on the proper instruction for using PPE.

4. Sim-In-A-Box – Pediatric Education for Pre-Hospital Professionals “PEPP”

Goal: This project intends to educate statewide EMS + ED providers on how to manage low volume/high stakes critical pediatric patients

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